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anti-sinking and anti-sagging BYK410 liquid rheology agent for unsaturated resin

anti-sinking and anti-sagging BYK410 liquid rheology agent for unsaturated resin
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Appearance: Yellow Liquid
Packing: 25kg/drum
Product Name: Liquid Rheology Agent
Safety: Safe To Use
Shelf Life: 2 Years
Usage: Used In Coating, Printing Ink And Adhesive
Viscosity: Low
PH Value: 5-7
Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Anjeka
Certification: ISO9001-2015
Model Number: Anjeka4410
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: 25kg/Drum
Delivery Time: 3-5days
Product Description

Thickening Thixotropic Agent Anjeka 4410



Anjeka 4410 is a liquid rheological additive suitable for medium polarity and solvent-free coating as well as room temperature curing resin systems. The additive produces highly thixotropic fluidity to improve sag resistance and settling resistance. The additive can be added later.



Thixotropic agents are additives commonly used in various materials, including paints, inks, adhesives, and pastes, to control their rheological properties. The primary function of a thixotropic agent is to impart thixotropy to the material, which means that the material exhibits a reversible change in viscosity under shear stress.




Composition: Solution of modified polyurea.

Typical Properties

The values given in this data sheet describe the typical properties and do not constitute specification limits.

Density: 1.15 g/ml (25℃)

50-100 cps (25℃)

Non-volatile matter (20 min., 150 ℃): 50%
Solvents:  N-Methylpyrrolidone



It's important to keep this product in a dry environment as it can be affected by temperature. If you notice any minor cloudiness while storing it, don't worry, it won't impact its ability to control flow properties.


Once mixed into a coating system, this additive creates a three-dimensional network structure. This structure promotes a thixotropic flow, preventing particles from settling and enhancing anti-sagging characteristics, all while ensuring a smooth finish.



0.2-1% additive (as supplied) based upon the total formulation to prevent settling;

0.5-2% to prevent sagging, depending on the polarity and solids in the formulation.



The additive should be added whilst stirring and distributed homogeneously. It is not necessary to control the temperature. The additive is also suitable for adjusting the viscosity afterwards by incorporating it as a post-additive.



25KG iron drum

180KG plastic drum


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